Wednesday, 6 June 2007

YouTube and advertising for more effective advocacy

Brussels, 6 June. During the peer to peer workshop on 'information, knowledge sharing and communication for more effective advocacy', we gained insights into new tools of lobbying and campaigning.

Christine Coudour from the European Voice shed light on how development NGOs could use advertisement in the newspaper to lobby for their purpose: "Advocacy advertising is another campaigning tool to be used in combination with other actions such as press conference, events, directs contacts. European Voice is an ideal print title to reach the target audience of key EU stakeholders and decision-makers who rely on the independence of the editorial. There are special discounts for development NGOs and extra services such support with the designing and positioning."

Cécile Crosset from Plan Belgique pointed out how her organisation lobbied for children's rights by using a "slam", a mix of poetry and song: "In the context of our annual Action Week, we created a slam about the 4 fundamental rights of the child (participation, protection, survival and development). This was broadcast on radio stations.

The spot is also available as a video clip on YouTube. We had a lot of feedback, especially from people who were moved by it and who wished to use it on their blogs. By copying the code from youtube, it's easy to republish it. See the video:

Story by Birthe Paul

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