Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Campaigning challenges in development

Brussels, 6 June. Reporting from the peer to peer session on campaigning, IICD's Hilde Eugelink writes that not every NGO is an effective campaigner. Participants identified some specific challenges as:

  • It is hard to involve the media and keep them interested in the issue. Often, there is no follow-up of the initiation of the campaign.

  • As usual, funding is a big barrier for many organisations to embark on campaigning. Even e-campaigning always implies to purchase some material and requires staff to implement the actions.
  • Sometimes, it appears difficult to mobilize the members and individuals.
  • Many agree that a major difficulty is to sustain interest in the issue. This could be solved by linking the subject of the campaign to other actions and embedding it into strategies of other development actors.

"Campaigning is often thought of as something which is very costly.
Examples like the global call to act against poverty show however that if you work together with a lot of small NGOs you can set up quite a number of activities that have a big impact without being very costly. Of course it takes a lot more time and planning, but the results can be the same or even better," says Hilde Eugelink (Coordinator of Communications at IICD).

Story by Hilde Eugelink and Birthe Paul

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