Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Social Internet tools to communicate and share development information

Brussels, 5 June. The session on 'new' web tools by Chris Addison attracted twelve people from different types of organisations.

The starting discussion revealed that participants had various levels of understanding, knowledge and familiarity with tools such as RSS, blogs and wikis. In this sense, working in pairs and leveraging peer-to-peer assistance proved to be an effective way for all the group to get the the most out of the session. Each of the new bloggers set up a personal google home page, their blog and 'played' with a wiki. Further, they explored concreate examples of development organisations already using these tools and integrating them in their daily work.

For the participants, it was clear that although these tools open up many opportunities, the main challenge is, still, a management issue, making sure that they all become really part of our daily way of working.

Story by Pier Andrea Pirani

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