Tuesday, 5 June 2007

“1000 Families” or building unity through diversity

Brussels, 5 June. The second day of the Euforic/CONCORD event ended with the opening of the photo exhibit by the German photographer Uwe Ommer, showing families from all over the world.

It took four years and millions of miles to the artist who, in the end of the 90s of the previous century has crossed the 5 continents in order to show that in fact the differences probably more than the similarities lead to unity.

The wonderful result of this unusually successful effort were just the completing part of a project, initiated and carried out by network of European NGOs in Ireland, Italy, Malta, Finland and Belgium. “We first showed the exhibition in 2003 and since then it successfully crosses Europe”, stated Francois Milis, General Secretary of Echos Communication ASBL. We saw a very small part of the pictures of different families, but they were appreciated by the participants.

Source: Euforic-Brussels blog, by Dimitar Sotirov

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