Saturday, 9 June 2007

Learning a common language of development

In this interview in Italian, Paolo Ferrara (Terre des Hommes Italy) explains the main lessons he brings back home from the Euforic/Concord meeting.

In particular, Paolo took part in the sessions on fundraising, campaigning and advocacy. From the presentations, the group discussions, and different talks during the coffee-breaks, he identifies four main lessons he learned during these days in Brussels.

"First and foremost, when undertaking a campaign or an advocacy activity, you need to clearly formulate a strategy and the objectives you want to achieve. Further, you need to put in place coordination mechanisms among the different actors involved. Moreover, you need to identify specific targets, internal as well as external to your constituency. Last but not least, the most important lessons I take with me is how valuable events like this one are, in order to start talking a common language, sharing a common vision of the future and eventually working together in a more effective way".

If you read Italian, you can see more about Paolo's impressions on his blog.

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