Thursday, 7 June 2007

Emergent information and knowledge management issues

Brussels, 6 June. During the open space session, Mike Powell explained the new IKM (Information Knowledge Management) Emergent Issues programme:

The programme has been developed over the past years by Mike and colleagues from the EADI information management working group. It recently received funding from the Dutch Development Ministry.

The programme has its root in a critical view on the current narrow use of knowledge in the sector. Information needs to be more available in formats people can use. It will hence look at content issues, format and languages of knowledge. How can a range of information be handled without drowning in materials?

The idea is that the programme will not provide answers - it will raise issues and illustrate problems and ideas for solving them. It's an open programme, engaging a wide range of actors (including artists) and it will work as much as possible through existing networks. Get further information about the IKM programme or visit:

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If you want further information about the IKM programme please contact or sign up to the open list on