Monday, 4 June 2007

Web2.0 - just a fashion?

Brussels, 4 June. During a dinner in a nice Italian restaurant, conference participants started a discussion about the current "hype" on web 2.0 for development. The question was raised whether using web2.0 is just a present fashion which will soon be replaced by a new version of communication technolgy.

While there is the notion of sharing and interactive internet technology which can make everybody participate, the question was raised if quality standards can still be kept at a high level. Web 2.0 journalism for example broadens participation and can in fact make everyone a writer. However increased participation might lead to a negative trade-off regarding journalistic quality standards.

For this reason the question remains how to combine the positive sides of quality journalism with broad user participation.

See more information on these issue in the Euforic dossier.

Story by Martin Behrens

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