Wednesday, 6 June 2007

What strikes you about learning networks?

Brussels, 6 June. In the peer to peer session on learning networks, Niels from ECDPM presented his experiences facilitating an e-mail discussion group (using Dgroups). Wilma Roem shared ILEIA's experiences as a learning network, and Danny Aerts from ATOL explained its shift in focus from appropriate technology to supporting organisational learning processes.

We asked four participants: What was the most striking remark you heard in this session on learning networks?

Their answers are very interesting and range from the dichotomy between dissemination and learning ('dissemination of information may serve the purpose of learning for others') via practical stories teach people to learn ('asking the question why helps you to analyze and go to another level') and the need to learn from peer to peer experiences ('especially from a southern perspective where people are more sceptical about ideas coming from other people') to how the discussion should be 'at the right place and at the right time'. Hear their views:

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