Tuesday, 5 June 2007

The future development donor

Brussels, 5 June. What does a future donor look like? This question was answered by Steve Bridger, who outlined the current trends in a first part of his workshop:

"The general public learnt to ask tricky questions that are hard to answer". Parallel to the development of the new social internet tools, the new donors are demanding more accountability and want to trace back how their money has been spent. This will put pressure on charities to open up and report and communicate back.

"Future donors are less loyal to certain charities but rather to general causes." This will increasingly add to the competitiveness of the field.

"The trust and confidence in NGOs may be in decline." The new donors are more cynical and critical than 20 years ago.

"Donors will begin to look for NGOs based on where the need for a service is concentrated." This means that they increasingly strive to circumvent NGOs to give directly or lend money to beneficiaries.

Check out Steve's blog posting on this session. Read also Paolo Ferrara's story (in Italian).

Story by Birthe Paul

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Steve Bridger said...

Hi Birthe,

I've published my presentation on Slideshare!

Great to meet you and Martin in Brussels!