Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Effective campaigning with the Internet

Brussels, 6 June. We started the secoind day with two campaigning presentations on: “G8: Make Aid Work” coordinated by CIDSE and the Global Campaign Against Poverty (GCAP).

Participants heard of the scope and the tools used in the campaigns. The two presenters provided the audience with information about the target groups, the methods used, successes and problems occuring. Small group discussions elaborated success stories and problems.

CONCORD's Agnès Philippart summarized the following DOs and DONT's:

  • Do not start a campaign without having ensured the necessary resources for it.
  • Don’t start by planning 100 things to do
  • Don’t relax after the very first success.
  • Don’t try to do everything on your own.
  • Rely on good planning
  • Convene organizing committee
  • Start small, expand step by step.
  • Carefully organize your work.
  • Use “bigshots” and public figures in order to access both media and general public.
  • For successful campaigning you need clear message, brand and logo - catchy and attractive.
  • Be sure you are coherent.
  • Rely on the feedback - firstly among your staff, then the constituency, the network, later expand it to other sectors and media.
  • Try to create good working groups.
Story by Dimitar Sotirov

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